Thor Medical

From rock to cancer drugs - Thor Medical is a producer and supplier of alpha-particle emitters for cancer therapy. The production process is based on separation of natural occurring radioactive decay products from thorium (Th-232).

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The production process is based on a novel technology developed by Thor Medical that combines high efficiency and competitive cost structure with best in class environmental friendliness. All chemicals and radioactive materials are reprocessed and reused; therefore, the process produces very little waste. The process extracts only the radioactivity naturally occurring in thorium and therefore it requires no irradiation in nuclear reactors or high-cost accelerators. Since the source is thorium which decays with a half-life of 14 billion years we can produce continuously and provide a reliable supply of the sought-after alpha-particle emitters.


Thor Medical was founded in 2017 by Scatec Innovation AS and other shareholders of Thor Energy AS, a company dedicated to research and development on the use of Thorium.