Share option grant

April 23, 2024

Thor Medical ASA (the "Company") has granted share options to employees and senior management.

The Company has today issued 4 800 000 share options, equal to 1.99% of total shares in the Company, to senior management at an exercise price at NOK 1.0822. The options are granted in accordance with the Company's guidelines for remuneration of senior executives and board members, as approved by Thor Medical's annual general meeting held 11 April 2024.

Each option provides a right to acquire one share at the exercise price, equal to the volume-weighted share price over the last ten trading days prior to grant. 1.600.000 of the share options will vest 12 months after the grant day, while the remaining share options will vest over the next 24 months with 133.333 options on the last day of each month following the initial vesting. The share options need to be exercised no later than five years after the initial award. The total gross benefit for exercised share options under this grant shall be limited to the grantee's total base salary of the three-year period.

2.700.000 share options were granted to Sindre Hassfjell, Chief Technological Officer, and 2.100.000 share options were granted to Astrid Liland, Vice President EHS, both being primary insider in the Company. Primary insider notifications pursuant to the market abuse regulation article 19 is attached.

Disclosure regulation

This information is required to be disclosed under Section 5-12 of the Securities Trading Act.



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