Thor Medical ASA expands expertise and positions for growth with two experienced chemistry professionals

October 31, 2023

Thor Medical ASA is an emerging supplier of naturally occurring radioactive alpha emitters for the global cancer therapy market. To position the Company for successfully executing on its strategy, Thor Medical is pleased to introduce the hiring of Astrid Liland and Thor Andre Karlsen to strengthen Thor Medical’s development capabilities.

From January 1 2024, Liland (MSc Nuclear chemistry) will take the position as EHS manager in Thor Medical. Astrid brings more than 20 years of experience in scientific environmental and nuclear chemistry, radiation protection, radioecology, and emergency preparedness from national, Nordic, and international projects.

She will assume all responsibilities related to radiation protection and safety, as well as managing relevant regulatory authorities. Astrid comes from the position as Head of preparedness and emergency at Directorate for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (DSA).

“With Astrid on board, we will have access to all competence necessary to establish both laboratories and production facilities in accordance with existing regulatory requirements,” says Alf Bjørseth, CEO of Thor Medical ASA.

From February 1 2024, Karlsen (MSc Environmental chemistry) will take the position as process engineer in Thor Medical. Thor Andre comes from a position as process engineer at Ulefos and has previous experience from Jotun.

“With his background in environmental chemistry, and safely and efficiently operating advanced production facilities, Thor Andre will play a key role in establishing and operating the pilot production facilities at Herøya,” says Bjørseth.

Thor Medical will continue to develop its organization according to progress of the Company’s business plan and requirements.



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