Thor Medical releases updated investor presentation

June 11, 2024

Oslo, Norway, 11 June 2024: Thor Medical has prepared updated presentation material in connection with upcoming investor meetings, including a status update on the company’s evaluation of a fast-track plant to enable delivery of commercial volumes of Th-228 by end of 2025. The enclosed presentation is also available on the company’s website.

Several radiopharmaceutical companies are in clinical trials with products based on the decay of parent isotope Th-228, and several more are expected to commence trials over the years to come. Thor Medical’s customers among these companies are requesting commercial volumes of high-purity Th-228 as soon as possible. Demand from clinical trials alone is expected to generate a market for Th-228 of around USD 100 million over the next few years. 

Thor Medical is currently building a pilot plant to verify its production technology in industrial scale and produce customer samples for qualification. Building on this, and in response to the outlined demand, the company has initiated a feasibility study for a fast-track plant to deliver commercial volumes of Th-228 already by end of next year.  

Launches of approved radiopharmaceutical end-products for cancer treatment going forward are expected to increase the global market for Th-228 up to USD 1 billion by 2032.

For more details, please see the updated investor presentation. 



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